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Security for Your Small Business

What kind of security do you need for your small business? My name is Emily, and as a small business owner myself, I've gone through all sorts of options. Some business owners think that they are covered because they have an alarm system or other type of security installed. However, they may have overlooked other important considerations in small business security. Many security issues in a business are actually perpetrated by an employee, but few businesses have security in place that will allow employers to know when employees are stealing or behaving inappropriately. Let me help you understand how to buy the best security system for your small business.

Three Added Benefits Of A Commercial Security System

You will of course want to do your best to protect yourself and everyone else in your home from having anything bad happen to you. One of the ways you can go about taking extra steps to transform your home into a much safer one is to have a commercial security system installed. While you know that having a home security system put in your home will alert you and the local authorities to something going on at your home, you may not have a complete understanding of everything else a security system can do. Read More 

Where To Hide Your Keys So You Are Never Locked Out Of Your House Again

Not only can being locked out of your home be a frustrating thing, but it can also be a dangerous thing if you are stuck outside during extremely hot or cold temperatures. Even if it is just for convenience, you will want to learn about the different places to hide your spare house key so you will never have to worry about running into this type of problem. Under The Bird Seed Read More 

Use These Tips To Reduce Your Risk Of Triggering Your Home’s Security Alarm

When you use a home security system to protect your home and family, it's ideal to keep false alarms to a minimum. Setting your system off accidentally will disrupt the neighborhood and require you to quickly call your security company to explain what has happened. While accidents can certainly take place, it's possible to use a variety of simple strategies to lower the risk of accidentally triggering your home's security alarm. Read More 

3 Steps You Can Take To Protect Your House And Family

Protecting your home and your family should be a first priority of every individual. This is especially true since taking extra steps to protect your family doesn't actually cost you that much more money and is very simple. Here are some easy things that you can do to improve the security at your home. 1. Install Timers Or Home Automation If you are out, your house just sits as a target to people who might do harm to it. Read More 

Mistakes To Avoid With DIY Home Alarm Security Systems

Some homeowners are opting to install their own home security systems in an effort to save money. Unfortunately, mistakes made during the selection and installation process can leave your home less than secure. If you are planning to install your home's security system, here are some mistakes to avoid.  Overestimating Your Home's System One of the biggest mistakes you can make is overestimating the security that is offered by your home's system. Read More