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What kind of security do you need for your small business? My name is Emily, and as a small business owner myself, I've gone through all sorts of options. Some business owners think that they are covered because they have an alarm system or other type of security installed. However, they may have overlooked other important considerations in small business security. Many security issues in a business are actually perpetrated by an employee, but few businesses have security in place that will allow employers to know when employees are stealing or behaving inappropriately. Let me help you understand how to buy the best security system for your small business.

How To Handle Security For A NYC Nightclub

If you're opening a a NYC based nightclub, then you understand the important of good security. The nightclub is going to be packed with men and women, and they will be dancing and drinking. Tempers can run hot in these environments, and the last thing you need is for a fight to break out and people to get injured. That can end up in lawsuits, a liquor license revocation, as well as the permanent closure of your bar or even arrests. So, in order to avoid these problems you need to have good security. Here's what to do, and what not to do.

What You Should Not Do

The worst thing you can do is hire a bunch of meathead bouncers. You will need security at the door, and also in the club, but you don't want big guys with tempers who are itching for a fight. They can escalate the situation. So, avoid just hiring a bunch of tough guys to work the door.

What You Should Do

You need to hire a private security company to come in and set up the protocols for your club. The bouncers (who the security company can often source for you) will act professionally. There role is to diffuse potentially violent situations and escort people from the bar. They will calm down a situation, but not be intimidated by a loudmouth drunk who is looking to scrap. A security company will have people with experience (ex-military, retired cops, etc.,) who know how to deal with volatile and chaotic situations.

The ID scanning technology is paramount if you value your liquor license. The security company will show you how to use the scanners. Gone are the days where people simply chalked their IDs; now kids can get super realistic mockups online. So, your bouncers will need the correct scanning technology, which the private security firm can help you set up.

The security consultants can also instruct you on where to best set up your cameras. These cameras will be able to monitor the club and they can be used as evidence in court if you end up getting sued.

Finally, you will need communication set up for the floor personal. You want the bouncers, floor mangers, and bartenders to have access to Bluetooth enabled communication systems so that if a fight erupts in one area of the club, the security personal will be able to arrive as soon as possible. Private security companies like MerCorp Protective Services are used to handling this sort of communication.